The Daily Dig for Sunday, August 3

Oh the possibilities.  Today’s Daily Dig explores the potential of P2P, startup success and Bitcoin.

MoneyWeek releases P2P report

The U.K.-based publication released a report on the P2P industry.  Read it here.

Big banks still pose significant risk

If you just scanned the headlines related to the recently-released GAO report on whether or not the big banks receive an implied subsidy, you can be forgiven for finding it inconclusive.  A detailed look at the report and interviews with economists shows the value of the subsidy fluctuates in tandem with the the health of the economy.  Gretchen Morgenson has more.

10 personality traits which contribute to startup success

Successful startup founders share many positive traits.  Martin Zwilling lists 10.

5 startup growth inhibitors, 5 solutions

Many common problems which cause startups to fail are fixable.   Stan Roach looks at 5.

Can Bitcoin aid the world’s unbanked?

The cryptocurrency has advantages for microlenders and third world nations.  Jason Tyra explores the issue.

Ex hedge fund manager compares hedge funds and crowdfunding

Jeffrey Maganis has succeeded with both, and compares them for Dylan Love.

Gig banks struggling with talent exodus to hedge funds

Lax regulation in hedge funds is largely to blame.  Read about it here.

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