The Daily Dig for Monday, August 4

Nigerian bank partners with gas station chain to service nation’s unbanked

A popular gas station chain in Nigeria is allowing banking services in is stations with the target market being the nation’s large percentage of unbanked.  Ejiofor Alike has the details.

India using post offices to serve its unbanked

High penetration rates in rural areas has led the Indian government to explore providing financial services through them.  Where have we heard this before?  Charon Singh with analysis.

Aussie big bank claims rebuffed

Australia’s big banks are claiming higher capital mandates against them are too restrictive.  Enter a Moody’s report which states Australia’s mandates are among the least restrictive.  Oops.  Michael Bennet explains.

Political gamesmanship threatens NC equity crowdfunding bill

Even though the crowdfunding bill is ready to move ahead, legislators in North Carolina do not seem in a rush.  JD Alois explains why.

Fundable and Staples create crowdfunding contest

Business crowdfunding platform Fundable and office supply chain Staples are partnering on a crowdfunding contest with a valuable prize – shelf space and exposure in Staples stores and on their website.  Learn more here.


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