"I see a promising future for this altfi"
"I see a promising future for this altfi"

The Daily Dig for Tuesday, August 5

Today’s Daily Dig ponders ways to serve the underbanked, looks at the merits of a real estate crowdfunding app, and finds the irony in psychics buying a P2P platform.

Latest European P2P data released

With several platforms showing origination increases we are seeing health in their P2P sector.  Read more here.

Durbin Amendment to blame for rising number of American unbanked

The Durbin Amendment placed price controls on the merchant discount fee paid by retailers.  Guess who picked up the slack.  By repealing this amendment the U.S. Government will subtly help the nation’s unbanked and underbanked, a panel of authors argues in Forbes.

Psychics buy into P2P

"I see a promising future, or possibly not..."
“I see a promising future, or possibly not…”

The Psychic Friends Network has purchased fledgling American P2P platform 321Lends.  Now there’s one company whose earnings forecasts better be spot on.  Read more here.

Crowdfunding taking baby steps in Singapore

A small number of companies were selected to post on Singapore’s new crowdfunding website.  Experts warn against expecting too much too soon, Nicole Tan discovered.

Real estate crowdfunding platform develops app

iFunding is new even by real estate crowdfunding standards, but it quickly figured out the importance of being compatible for smart phone users.  Their new app allows all necessary aspects of the typical transaction to be completed on the devices.  Rayna Katz explains.

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