Seriously, the check's IN the mail..
Seriously, the check's IN the mail...

The Daily Dig for Wednesday, August 6

While cryptocurrency and crowdfunding move forward, banks stay anchored in the past.  The state of modern finance summed up neatly in a four-article Daily Dig.

Crowdfunding’s potential to disrupt capitalism

Some view crowdfunding as capitalism by another name, but others prefer the take that crowdfunding is a disruptor of capitalism at every one of its stages.  Count Matt McAlister among the latter.

England studying how to become global cryptocurrency center

Chancellor George Osborne has directed the Treasury to look into how England can become a global virtual currency center.  James Quinn explores the issue.

Expanded postal banking services raise questions while filling voids

Seriously, the check's IN the mail..
Seriously, the check’s IN the mail…

The debate on whether or not postal outlets should offer more banking services continues.  Cassie Owens contributes with thoughtful analysis.

Uncle Sam not satisfied with big bank living wills

Prevailing thought remains that a big bank failure would cause extensive damage throughout the financial world.  That’s why they have to go back to the drawing board.  Ryan Tracy, Christina Rexrode and Victoria McGrane explain.

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