The Daily Dig for Friday, August 8

Another good Daily Dig that mostly avoids bad news and talks about the possibilities.  Great way to start a weekend.

Tech competitors eroding bank market share

A surge of companies catering to the smart phone-centric tendencies of younger generations includes many in the financial sphere.  These companies are making it easier to conduct common financial transactions on smart phones and are placing themselves well ahead of traditional institutions in the minds of many consumers.  James Dornbrook with analysis.

Crowdfunding better option than financial predators

Legislative quirks make it hard for some institutions to lend to the bottom 10% which has opened the door for shady operations to fill the gap.  Thankfully better options are taking share away from the predators.  Nate Nead explains.

Cash flush companies find additional uses for crowdfunding

While the lack of access to capital provided the original impetus for the industry, companies with plenty of cash are using crowdfunding to market products and ideas.  Ryan Mac explains how and why.

Independent film crowdfunding and distribution site closes seed round, adds advisors

Seed & Spark recently announced the close of a million-dollar crowdfunding round and added an Oscar winner to its advisory board.  Not bad for a day’s work.  Read more here.

P2P microfinance analyzed through the experience of market leaders

A panel of representatives from P2P microfinance companies recently participated in a roundtable where they shared the challenges they faced to get where they are, while also looking forward.  Read the Microfinance Focus report here.

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