The Daily Dig for Saturday, August 9

PayToo offers cardless ATM system for the unbanked

The service utilizes mobile wallet technology.  JD Alois interviews PayToo CEO Michel Poignant.

Fund Dreamer helps women and people from minority groups

By reducing its take to 1%, Fund Dreamer aims to help more women and people from minority groups successfully fund their businesses.  Larry Darrel has more.

When is $17 billion not $17 billion?

When it comes to bank fines.  Creative accounting and clever wordings significantly reduce the actual amount paid by the big banks.  PressTV explains how they do it.

$1.6 million Lake Tahoe property bought with Bitcoins

The buyer is unknown but was the one who suggested it, Steve Shanafelt reports.

Wikipedia nets 237 Bitcoins in a week

That equates to roughly $140,000, Nuno Menezes says.

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