The Daily Dig for Tuesday, August 12

Venture find connects Silicon Valley with Wall Street

Nyca Partners connects venture capitalists with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt modern finance.  Tracy Alloway and Arash Massoudi have more.

P2P for farm energy explored

A farm-focused publication breaks down peer-to-peer lending and explains why it may be an option for producers considering alternative energy sources for their operation.  Paul Spackman explains.

Zopa hits $1 billion in the midst of growth spurt

U.K.-based P2P Zopa recently joined the billionaires club.  Giles Andrews shares his thoughts on the milestone and the industry.

Big banks siphoning off funds earmarked for small biz in poor regions

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the nations biggest banks have found a creative use for a Clinton-era tax credit program.  Susan Ferrechio has the details.

Bank living wills criticized

Unrealistic provisions and opaque plans in the few instances where they are even listed are among the criticisms of big bank living wills.  Stephen Lubben explains.

Crowdfunding, DC style

A $2 million cap is one of the characteristics of the District of Columbia’s proposed intra-district crowdfunding bill.  Bill Flook lists the rest.

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