The Daily Dig for Friday, August 15

Student loan P2P’s explored

They are the second biggest student loan category after mortgages and given that they are accrued at a young age, the potential for a long term relationship is solid.  Robert Farrington explores student loan P2P’s.

Disruptive technologies are on the rise

Technology and opportunity have conspired to open up so many areas of the economy to disruption.  Why is this the age of exponential technology?  Christine Arena explains.

UK advisers urged to encourage SME clients to explore alternative lending

Government pressure on banks to lend more to SME’s has not trickled down yet, so financial advisers have extra reason to suggest alternative lending options to their clients, says Mi Zhang.

2 Bitcoin-related sites announce funding rounds

Cryptocurrency multi-tasker PeerNova and German P2P Bitbond have announced funding rounds.  Armand Tanzarian has the details.

Fitch likes P2P

The first major ratings agency to comment on P2P is optimistic but would like a longer history before giving investment grade ratings.  Maureen Farrell explains why.

Cleveland Fed forecasts more P2P growth

A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland charts the incredible seven-year growth curve the industry is enjoying and predicts said curve could last for a while yet, says Michelle Samaad.

OnDeck files for IPO, could be opening act for Lending Club

Online small business lender OnDeck is preparing for an IPO which will value the company at $1.5 billion.  This will whet investors appetites for the anticipated Lending Club IPO, write Telis Demos and Maureen Farrell.

Big banks want more time to implement Volcker Rule

One wonders if they are trying to buy time in hopes it will just go away.  Mark Melin looks into why.

Crowdfunding touted as good first step for hardware startups with sights set on VC funding

Current research indicates that hardware companies who have crowdfunded later experience good success when pursuing VC funding.  Kari Hamanaka explains.

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