The Daily Dig for Monday, August 18

CITI exec urges caution with P2P mania

Excessive risk and lack of government backing are two reasons one CITI executive has issues with peer-to-peer loans.  Read more here.

South African bank focuses on urban unbanked India in bid to increase market share

When it comes to news serving the unbanked, much of the innovation comes from the servicing of rural areas.  South African bank FirstRand is doing the opposite, choosing instead to focus on the millions of unbanked Indians who live in major centers.  Read the Business Standard article here.

Seven year-olds crowdfunding for school library

You know education cuts have gone too far when seven year-old kids have to turn to crowdfunding so they can have a school library.  Nadine Kalinauskas has the sad but hopeful story.

Seed Equity targeting the globe with new equity crowdfunding platform

New equity crowdfunding platform Seed Invest wants to highlight firms with global intentions and appeal on its site.  JD Alois has the story.

7 equity crowdfunding tips from Crowdcube

The site recently posted an investor education piece.  Read more here.

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