The Daily Dig for Tuesday, August 19

Where art thou, next Lending Club?

The next Lending Club could emerge in the world of private equity investing.  Here are some traits it will need to have in order to be a success, courtesy of Ryan Caldbeck.

How to get the most out of a mentoring relationship

The key to maximizing a mentor/understudy relationship is to remember the relationship is not a zero sum proposition, writes Bert Gervais.

Startups get innovative with employee perks

Free workouts and creative transportation subsidies are among the perks Bay Area startups use to add value to the work experience.  Josh Lipton reports.

Tips on how to secure a Fortune 100 partnership for your startup

Ryan Shank has done it.  Now he tells you how to do it.

Aussie tax laws could inhibit tech startups

Opaque tax regulations and the need “to review every case individually” may dissuade Australian tech companies from using crowdfunding.  Andrew Colley explains.

Excessive regulation threatens to kill nascent German crowdfunding industry

A number of regulations proposed by German legislators could kill the German equity crowdfunding industry before it truly gets off the ground.  Sound familiar?  JD Alois has the details.

Hubbub focuses on post-secondary crowdfunding

Tuition, research, pretty much anything related to university life save for keggers, is fair game for posting on Hubbub.  The site has just completed a successful equity raise on Crowdcube.

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