The Daily Dig for Wednesday, August 20

Kickstarter helping close gender funding gap

It’s not exactly front page news that women are underrepresented in most business sectors.  Thanks in part to crowdfunding that gap is beginning to shrink.  Ruth Simon explains.

Who are the most active Bay Area VC’s?

Who are investing in the most companies?  Which VC’s have seen the most exits?  Which companies are gobbling up the most other companies?  Cromwell Schubarth has it all for you.

A brief history of crowdfunding

Not as big of a seller as a Brief History of Time, this article nonetheless is a nice quick primer on some of the early highlights from the world of crowdfunding.  Jordan Sale did a nice job on this one.

Dacshle’s son attracts $500K to turn site into Kickstarter for local politics

Tom Daschle’ son Nathan has raised a half-million dollars to turn from a political social network into a crowdfunding site for local politics.  Sarah Buhr has the story.

RealtyShares CEO gives real estate crowdfunding advice

It’s best to get advice from the experts and Nav Athwal fits into that category.  The RealtyShares CEO gives a nice primer on real estate crowdfunding.

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