The Daily Dig for Friday, August 22

A big banker finding fault with a fine of a big bank and other startling news makes up today’s Daily Dig.

Chinese P2P industry is booming but trouble looms

With more than 1,000 separate companies, the Chinese P2P industry has no shortage of players which means there is some demand from the public.  New government regulations could trim the number substantially, according to Hu Xiaocen.

Renewable energy crowdfunding gaining steam

With more than $10 billion generated in the last five years, renewable energy crowdfunding has tapped a vein.  Kevin Smead reports.

Big banker finds fault with government prosecution of big banks

Former Wells Fargo CEO Dick Kovacevich believes Uncle Sam is punishing the wrong people for the sins of a few, says Dan Weil.

B of A, FDIC announce settlement

The tab for this party is $16.65 billion.   Patrick Fitzgerald describes the history behind the penalty.

Crowdfunding rules will help the economy

Crowdfunding’s ability to boost small business is a key reason why the feds need to pick up the pace and pass regulations so the industry’s power can be unlocked.  Mary Juetten interviews Ruth Hedges.

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