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The Daily Dig for Saturday, August 23

What you can do to urge passage of Title III headlines today’s Daily Dig.

Crowdfunding proponents urged to contact SEC and pols to stress support

StartEngine CEO Ron Miller urged industry leaders to write their member of Congress, their senators and the SEC’s Mary Jo White to urge passage of Title III.  Points to stress included:

The Title III platform can operate under the rules as proposed;
Costs to issues are much lower than stated in the proposed rules;
While you would like to see some changes in the future, the proposed rules are workable and you intend to launch your platform to facilitate Title III crowdfunding;

This is an important summary if you care about the industry.  Read more here.

8 tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign

Nathan Resnick should know, as he’s done one.  Read more here.

Crowdfunding campaign for alleged Brown shooter raising more than campaigns for Brown family

That fact alone raises interesting questions, that RT tries to answer.

Feds tell payday lenders to sue banks not them

Uncle Sam is hiding behind technicalities when telling payday lenders to sue the banks who cut off their accounts, not the body who provided guidance to the banks.  Mark Holan has more.

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