The Daily Dig for Friday, August 29

Today’s Daily Dig is sponsored by the letter L, as in Lending Club.

Lending Club files for IPO

The extra buck or two will help it offer more services in more places, Laura Lorenzetti explains.

Lending Club mimics, not disrupts, the banking system

Lending Club’s business model is similar to originate-to-distribute synthetic securitizations, which were common on pre-crisis Wall Street, says John Carney.

Wells Fargo big winner in Lending Club IPO

Guess who the biggest investor is in Lending Club?  Wells Fargo stands to make big bucks from the alternative lender’s IPO, Kathleen Pender discovered.

Why the Post Office won’t solve America’s unbanked issues

The fact the largest unbanked clusters are in cities is but one reason Jacob Anbinder does not believe the USPS will be able to ride to the rescue of unbanked America.  He has others too.

UK property P2P finances different real estate projects

CrowdProperty allows people to raise money for property development and buy-to-let projects.  Emma Dunkley explains how it works.

Improving climate not enough to stimulate UK corporate loans

Even though many indicators are moving in the right direction, UK banks are not lending to SME’s as much as is needed.  Larry Elliott explains why.

Amazon in midst of lending push

Is there anything they are not into?  Next you’ll tell me they are looking at drones.  Jason Del Rey has the details.

Scotland exploring alternative finance option for rural citizens

Rural Scots are being surveyed to determine their level of interest in alternative financial products.

Crowdfunding ain’t fina’ in North Carolina

Hopes the state would join the half of the nation that allows crowdfunding or is about to was dashed this week.  Jillian DeCamp tells what went wrong.

RateSetter seeing surge in home improvement loans

Tim Taylor and Al Borland would be proud.  Beth Fisher explains the reasons for the growth.

Canadian would-be politicians crowdfunding campaigns

First-time politicians often struggle with campaign expenses, and many are turning to crowdfunding to make ends meet, says the CBC.

German property developer crowdfunding resort expansion

Jan Henric Buettner built the Baltic Coast resort with his own money but is going to the web with his expansion plans.  Dalia Fahmy explains.

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