"Lucy, you may have some 'splaining to do about the valuation..."
"Lucy, you may have some 'splaining to do about the valuation..."

The Daily Dig for Saturday, September 6

Lending Club valuation questioned

"Lucy, you may have some 'splaining to do about the valuation..."
“Lucy, you may have some ‘splaining to do about the valuation…”

Not the kind of news you want before an  IPO, but Lending Club is being forced to contend with questions of its valuation.  Antony Currie and Daniel Indiviglio offer some compelling reasons.

Kickstarter being used to sell widely available products

There is a growing trend of companies selling items on Kickstarter when they are widely available elsewhere.  That leaves Kickstarter traditionalists crying foul, says Kaja Whitehouse.

In spite of big fines, big bank execs remain unscathed

As the collective fines incurred by their employers grow by the billions, big bank executives still have not faced personal punishment for any wrongdoing.  Not cool, says Michael Payne.

Mexican state telecom providing debit cards for the unbanked

Most cards are destined for people in rural and remote areas of the country, reports Telecompaper.

Post-recession CRE loan value higher for first time though questions abound

There is more commercial real estate loans on bank books now than before the recession for the first time.  There are also drastically more foreclosed properties and fewer institutions to share in the pain, writes Mark Heschmeyer.

New banking rules may lead to more bailouts – Bair

The new rules are creating additional complexity which could lead to more bailouts, Sheila Bair tells Rachel Evans.

Some real estate crowdfunding may be smoke and mirrors: lawyer

Read the small print before you invest with your friendly neighborhood real estate crowdfunder, as the fine print matters, writes Anthony Zeoli.

Experts share on how to make equity crowdfunding legal

Experts well-versed in the crowdfunding industry share their thoughts with Kendall Almerico.

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