The Daily Dig for Sunday, September 7

Alibaba IPO will affect Lending Club, others

Many tech companies have put their IPO’s on hold until after Alibaba’s.  Should it go as expected, they will charge out the gate in legion hoping to get caught in the jet stream.  Heather Somerville explores possible impacts.

Widespread P2P worth $52 billion to UK economy – report

A report by Liberum Capital estimates every UK household would be ten pounds better off each week if they rejected traditional banking.  Bernard Ginns has more tidbits.

Vermont added to Lending Club states

Good news Vermonters!  You can now participate in Lending Club.  JD Alois has the details.

Apple gets sweet deal from banks in advance of mobile payments launch

By convincing the big banks that its system is secure, Apple was able to finagle lower rates for its mobile payment system.  Sam Colt has more.

Republicans planning to go after TBTF?

Yes you read that right.  There are interesting reasons to do so, suggests Mark Melin.

Entrepreneurs must learn how to handle conflict

There are several qualities successful entrepreneurs display when addressing conflict.  Martin Zwilling explains them.

Don’t make these mistakes when meeting with potential investors

Paul Jackson explains why doing this things could be lethal.

Bitcoin initiatives aim to help Africa’s unbanked

A Bitcoin voucher service and a South African company both want to tap into Africa’s large unbanked population.  Nermin Hajdarbegovic explains how.

British big banks admit to using fake collection letters as intimidation tactic

Say what you want about the Brits, but they’re pretty creative when it comes to bank treachery.  Jason Groves and Sean Poulter provide another example.

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