The Daily Dig for Wednesday, September 10

NASDAQ takes a look at Lending Club

There’s plenty to like, but you have to be prepared to do some work, says Dan Newman.

Crowdfunding gone wrong

By looking at dubious campaigns Natalie Shoemaker shows how some crowdfunders do poorly and how the entire process is a lesson in caveat emptor.

UK Buy-to-let real estate crowdfunder secures financing

Fifty pounds is all it takes to enter the United Kingdom’s popular buy-t0-let real estate housing market if you do it via Property Partner.  That just became easier as they have secured £ 1.25 in seed funding.  Mike Butcher has the details.  (Editor’s note – as of this writing, U.K. still includes Scotland).

Canadian crowdfunding investment doubling in 2014

That’s only some of the good news coming from Canada.  Crowdcapital has more.

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