The Daily Dig for Friday, September 12

New Zealand government supporting SME’s via P2P

New Zealand’s small and medium businesses are being revitalized with government funds which are being channeled through peer-to-peer lenders.  Kalyan Kumar explains.

Fitch:  Lending Club IPO could be industry catalyst

The looming Lending Club IPO could motivate other players to consider one of their own.  It could also encourage investors to monetize their investments, says Fitch.

Aussie big banks facing possible downgrade

Even though they did fairly well during the recession, Australian big banks reliance on foreign investment could leave them vulnerable to a capital exodus, the Murray Commission concluded.  Unless those banks find a way to save more capital, they could face a downgrade, explains Karen Maley.

Possible big bank exodus could sway Scottish independence voters

Several big banks have said if Scots vote to separate they will move their offices to London.  Might this influence voters?  Sylvia Hui with analysis.

Big bank manipulation primer

How can I rig thee?  Let me count they ways.  Washington’s blog gets you started.

An analysis of debt crowdfunding risks

There are several ways to minimize your risk when debt crowdfunding, says Michael Ibberson.

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