The Daily Dig for Wednesday, September 17

Kickstarter expands to new regions

Add Scandinavia and Ireland to the list of places with Kickstarter platforms.  Samantha Hurst has the details.

Bondora reaches internationally with Europe-based P2P

One does not often think of Estonia as a home of a market disruptor.  That may soon change if those involved with Bondora reach their goals, says Georgia Quinn.

Moldow heads list of Harmoney appointments

Charles Moldow is one of the new faces on Harmoney’s advisory board.  Click here to learn the rest of them.

 Lending Club wasn’t the first but they’ve been the best

Google and Facebook weren’t the first entrants in their respective fields but they executed their vision better than their competitors.  Ryan Caldbeck gives other reasons why, heading toward the IPO, Lending  Club is poised to strike it rich.

Virginia suing big banks

The suit alleges many banks sold poor quality mortgage products to the state’s public employee retirement fund.  Michael Rapaport reports.

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