The Daily Dig for Saturday, Sept. 20

D.C. intrastate CF proposal draws flies

Is the fact only two submissions were received by the deadline a meh statement from the community, or do they simply see adoption as a fait accompli?  Bill Flook has it covered.

Tilt taking proactive approach to crowdfunding scams

Tilt CEO James Beshara sees the headaches Indiegogo has gone through due to its failure to rein in suspect campaigns.  He prefers to act much more quickly in order to avoid the same fate, James Robinson learned.

 SeedInvest beginning to sprout with new partnerships

Their new partnership with Gust will give SeedInvest access to thousands of angel investors, says William Alden.

Banks will soon be buying P2P’s

To coin a phrase, M&A’s are the sincerest form of flattery, and look for that to soon apply to banks vis-a-vis P2P’s.  J.D. Alois reports.

Big bank crisis readiness already in decline: report

The results of big bank self-reported stress tests are coming in and in some areas they show a leaning away from prudence.  Stephen Gandel reports.

Obama administration taking it easy on big banks?

Initiatives to ease restrictions on Credit Suisse has big bank critics crying foul and looking to the White House for answers.  David Sirota explains.

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