"Pay like an Egyptian..."
"Pay like an Egyptian..."

The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Sept. 24

Book Review: Virtual Banking

As more people become comfortable with smart phones and social media, more of their banking will be done online.  The banks better adjust, says Jane Haskin in her review of Dan Schatt’s book Virtual Banking.

Walmart making push for the unbanked

Their low cost checking accounts will hold special appeal for those with poor credit histories, according to this Associated Press report.

PayFort becomes option for unbanked Egyptians

"Pay like an Egyptian..."
“Pay like an Egyptian…”

With only 9% of Egyptians estimated to have bank accounts, convenient alternatives have the potential to grab market.  PayFort hopes they are top of mind when it comes time to pay like an Egyptian, writes Sara Aggour.

Boutique firms chase family wealth

Trillions of dollars in family wealth are up for grabs and boutiques are battling big banks for market share, writes David Drake.

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