Oh no! They've spoofed Perry!
Oh no! They've spoofed Perry!

The Daily Dig for Thursday, Sept. 25

Michael Lewis, Jack Ma, and Cartman – it’s a star-studded edition of the Daily Dig.

Kickstarter gets lampooned on South Park

Oh no! They've spoofed Perry!
Oh no! They’ve spoofed Perry!

While most of the shows barbs are directed at Dan Snyder, the writers save a few zingers for Kickstarter, writes Rich McCormick.

Working on Wall Street can be bad for your health: Michael Lewis

Many people graduate from business school hoping to change the world.  After a few years on Wall Street they find something has indeed changed, but it’s not the world, writes famed author Michael Lewis.

Alibaba to create massive Chinese P2P system

One trillion yuan roughly equates to $163 billion.  That’s the size of the P2P network Alibaba claims it can grow – in two years.  The implications are many for the world’s largest country which is going through massive change while dealing with substantial credit issues, reports Lulu Yilun Chen.

Mastercard providing I.D. to Nigerians

A new Mastercard-backed card serves as both a debit card and a passport for the citizens of Nigeria.  Not all welcome the blurring between commerce and a sovereign state, says this report from CNN.

New Mexico proposes crowdfunding rules

Many businesses in the state may no longer have to fear making a wrong turn at Albuquerque if proposed crowdfunding rules become legislation.  Winthrop Quigley reports.

Crowdlaunch.it helps creators at later project stages

Authors, artists and musicians have a new place to solicit investment in the later stages of a project.  Crowdlaunch.it has big plans, writes Marnie Kunz.

Massolution conducting extensive crowdfunding survey

Reliable data is crucial for any industry, but it is acutely important for new industries trying to become established in the economy.  Massolution invites interested parties to take a survey whose results become more accurate with every new participant.  Click here to take the survey.