David Drake

The Daily Dig for Friday, Sept. 26

If you are an entrepreneur just starting out on the road to the next big thing, today’s Daily Dig will help make you rich.  Remember us when you hit the big time.

6 crowdfunding trends to watch

LDJ Capital Founder and Chairman David Drake works closely with many of crowdfunding’s major players.  Here are six trends he is paying attention to.

Ten things every startup should do

David Drake returns with ten pieces of advice that can improve the fortunes of any startup, regardless of their industry.

James Beshara gives advice to crowdfunders

The Tilt Founder learned to run with an opportunity when it presented itself.  That was one piece of advice he gave to entrepreneurs this week.

Where art thou, creativity?

There was a time when Silicon Valley teemed with creative startups.  Jay Deng wonders where all that creativity went.

50 Top NYC VC’s

If you are planning to launch in the Big Apple, best take note of these names compiled by Alley Watch.

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