The Daily Dig for Saturday, Sept. 27

Today’s Daily Dig parks it across the pond before taking a quip trip to New Zealand before returning to the USA while avoiding O’Hare/Midway.

United Kingdom P2P FAQ’s has answers to common questions asked by people considering investing in peer-to-peer loans for the first time.  Read them here.

Meanwhile back in Ireland…

Consider the Irish collectively unsure of this P2P business.  Michael Hennigan delves into research to find out why.

Zopa creating awareness by giving away money

Zopa staffers gave away money trees to London commuters recently.  BT dares them to try that late at night in the New York subway.  Read more here.

Brit regulators mulling Forex investigation

Government regulators are meeting with big banks to discuss a Forex-rigging investigation that will last months.  Read the WSJ report here.

Suber predicts NZ P2P expansion

Prosper’s Ron Suber tells New Zealanders to expect peer-to-peer lending opportunities related to real estate, student loans and insurance in the years ahead. has more.

Fundrise Series 1 up to $38 million

New investors include Guggenheim Partners while Renren is a big backer.  Deborah Gage has more on the rise of Fundrise.

Equity crowdfunding’s early returns analyzed

Kay Koplovitz takes a look at first year data to see how equity crowdfunding is faring.

Thomas Hoenig not letting up on big banks

Thomas Hoenig has long been critical of how big banks operate.  That hasn’t changed, Ryan Tracy discovered.

Holder departure may be good for banks

Some believe pressure on big banks will ease with Eric Holder’s departure. Johanna Bennett explains why.

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