The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Oct. 1

Crowdfunding growing in global prominence

When you look at crowdfunding’s success in different parts of the world it becomes harder to not see it as part of the long-term global economic environment.  Devin Thorpe has more.

European pols shown crowdfunding benefits

Job creation potential and a new avenue for innovators to access capital are some of the benefits crowdfunding brings to European businesses, Oliver Gajda tells politicians.

A brief history of crowdfunding

It is getting easier to capitalize on the benefits of crowdfunding as the industry itself improves, Rain Factory CEO Sandeep Sood writes.

Startup  world would benefit from a personality transplant

By creating a world where young women do not feel forced to abandon favorite feminine traits in order to compete in business we open commerce up to a larger group of entrepreneurs who will bring value to the economy, writes Lili Balfour.

Clock ticking on .nyc domain name access

Time is running out for companies wishing to reserve choice .nyc domain names, like this Friday time is running out.  Read more here.