The Daily Dig for Thursday, Oct. 2

Banks in Walmart, changing crowdfunding regulations and a few think shifts.  A pretty decent Daily Dig.

Walmart banking designed to rope in nations poor

By offering banking services in-store, Walmart hopes to attract and keep those people who need food stamps and other Americans with limited financial needs.  James Poulos explains.

Institutions developing affinity for P2P

The growing success of peer-to-peer loans, especially in the real estate industry, is attracting institutional attention, writes Konrad Putzier.

25 crowdfunding sites you may not be aware of

If you’re new to the crowdfunding thing you have probably heard of Kickstarter and maybe Indiegogo.  Don’t automatically  launch on one of those two, for their are other sites which may be more suitable, says Alex Dalenberg.

Better banking research could help avert next crisis: Hoenig

Mainstream regulators and administrators operate under a long list of misconceptions which could easily contribute to the next financial crisis, says Thomas Hoenig.  They could be debunked by closer attention through better research.  Robert Feinberg lists some of those misconceptions.

Kickstarter backers should think like investors

Backers of Kickstarter campaigns which go kaput should realize they are investors and with investing comes risk, writes Jacob Davidson.

Zopa hires new COO

Jaidev Janardana is expected to ramp up business for a company that recently passed the billion-dollar loan mark, notes Chanice Henry.

The French propose changes to crowdfunding laws

Certain loan restrictions are being introduced, among other changes.  Quelle horreur!  Annabelle Richard reports.

Unbound changing the publishing industry

Letting people decide which books they want to read – what a concept!  Gillian Rudd looks into Unbound’s potential.

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