He's #15
He's #15

The Daily Dig for Friday, Oct. 3

Chinese firms bullish on P2P

Renren has invested in several firms and now Alibaba wants to crowdfund movies. China’s love affair with P2P continues, says this article in Forbes.

Ingress Capital to assertively pursue funding for startups

Darren MacDonald believes Ingress Capital can carve out a niche for itself by doggedly promoting the startups it works with, writes Ben Fischer.

Dudley denies FDIC deference to big banks

New York Fed Chief William Dudley doesn’t appreciate criticism that his staff are being pushed around by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Matthew Boesler discovered.

Capping bank card fees a misfire – The Economist

The capping of bank card transaction fees was meant to help both the American consumer and corporate America.  It has not worked out that way, The Economist found out.

Luddite banks paying heavy price

By being slow to embrace technology banks are losing customers to disruptors, reports Anna Irrera.

14 big players in New York’s Bitcoin scene

He's #15
He’s #15

If you follow cryptocurrencies, here are 14 people you should know, according to AlleyWatch.

How to build startup demand

Meet your people where they are at is but one valuable piece of advice Sean Byrnes has for startups looking to generate some buzz.

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