The Daily Dig for Saturday, Oct. 4

Cloud computing, millennials, bitcoin and more.  It’s a hip edition of the Daily Dig

Cloud computing and mobile technology help unbanked

Improvements in cloud technology are allowing Microsoft to reach out to those servicing the unbanked in remote locales.  Less infrastructure = more profit potential, says Karen Cone.

Texas lawyer sees crowdfunding as a boon

It will take a while for the feds to get to crowdfunding, but Texas is doing it in-state and this will help entrepreneurs, writes Kevin Vela.

Millennial disdain for big banks could disrupt system

Millennials do not like traditional banks and those who adjust to that reality will have a leg up on the competition, says Nancy Cook.

Porn/bank relationship targeted by Feds

Operation Choke Point has targeted many industries with its next victim being the porn industry.  Once again critics are calling it an overreach, says Alan Zibel.

Bitcoin primer

Now that you’ve seen it on the Simpsons, perhaps you need to catch up on this Bitcoin thingy.  Alexander Maykowski has you covered.

Want to get better?  Surround yourself with better

A common characteristic among successful people is they are not afraid of having smart people around them, for they know it helps them become smarter.  Here’s six tips on how to do that.

Startups urged to be open about all work

You may be tempted to hide your startup’s earliest efforts from the world.  That is a mistake, says AlleyWatch.