The Daily Dig for Monday, Oct. 6

Many things are going up and a few are going down.  It’s a sclerotic Daily Dig.

Alternative loan originations could hit $1 trillion in a decade – Moldow

Charles Moldow knows a thing or two about the current state of finance, including P2P, which he prefers to call “marketplace lending”.  Find out why here.

P2P’s post-IPO values could be well above revenues

Following its IPO, Lending Club could be valued at $5 billion, not bad for a company with $98 million in revenue last year, says Jonathan Ford.

Post-Alibaba IPO moratorium lifted

Wise companies planning an IPO waited until the hysteria surrounding the Alibaba IPO subsided a bit before moving forward with their plans.  That is now starting to happen, writes Heather Somerville.

Big banks re-entering commercial real estate loans sector finding different environment

Most big banks dropped commercial real estate lending in the recession.  They’re trying to reconcile with the old flame but are competing against some new suitors, this report discovers.

Dodd-Frank killed small bank loans to small businesses

Increased compliance costs have killed small banks, leaving the survivors with less to lend, John Rutledge believes.

2014 London tech startup funding surpasses $1 billion

The Brits are heavily investing in technology and are positioning London as a tech hub in the new economy.  Murad Ahmed reports.

Kickstarter video game funding plummeting

Some believe the main reason is the scarcity of big-money projects, while other see a wiser support base who now realize failure is a distinct possibility.  Emanuel Maiberg discusses.

New Jersey planning crowdfunding legislation

New Jersey law firm Day Pitney provides a basic primer of New Jersey’s proposed crowdfunding legislation here.

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