The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Oct. 8

Mobile payments most exciting tech area – Washington Post

The brightest minds behind some of the biggest names in technology are putting their brain power behind developing mobile payment systems.  Dominic Basulto has more.

Will Costco reach out to the unbanked?

Now get working on an express lane

Now get working on an express lane

Their competitors are, and many of Costco’s customers are unbanked.  Expect it to happen, says this article in Seeking Alpha.

Banks set to get hammered for exchange rate manipulation

This time its for colluding on key exchange rates.  Benjamin Walsh explains.

The Lending Club IPO – What changes will it bring to crowdfunding?

Proper valuation of these platforms can be tricky, which is why some position themselves in the familiar (and lucrative) technology sector.  Steven Cinelli knows what he is talking about, and has more here.