The Daily Dig for Thursday, Oct. 9

Microlenders carving niche with American unbanked

It may have a little to do with payday lenders charging 400% annual interest, but there are more reasons why microlenders are finding eager customers among America’s millions of unbaked adults, according to this piece in Entrepreneur.

Time looks at P2P

While Lending Club is the grand daddy of them all, there are other P2P firms to keep an eye on, notes Ryan Chiles.

Crowdfund Banking & Lending Summit coming to San Fran

All the big names will be there, including reps from Prosper and Money Tree.  Click here for more information.

Banks taking steps to end TBTF

Big bank CEO’s are gathering DC this weekend to sign an  agreement which will instill delays in derivatives contracts that will allow regulators to transfer some of a failing firm’s assets to a bridge company, a contagion-limiting move.  Click here for the WSJ article.

P2P’s future role in mortgages explored

SoFi helps young would-be homeowners buy houses sooner than they would if they waited for help from banks.  How big will SoFi and their ilk be in the future?  Rachel Norvell investigates.