The Daily Dig for Friday, Oct. 10

Plenty of advice on how to build that successful startup is in today’s Daily Dig.  Just promise to take our calls when you hit it big.

Changes coming to derivatives contracts

The Fed hopes a temporary freeze of collateral rights under derivatives contracts will put an end to the dumping and resulting contagion which contributed to the recession.  John Carney has more.

Loquidity carving niche in Michigan real estate market

Loquidity is one of the first Michigan-specific real estate crowdfunders.  Read more about them here.

How to create a corporate culture

The people you hire and how you motivate them are two factors to consider when pondering the type of workplace culture you wish to foster in your startup, writes Sean Byrnes.

Septembers VC and angel report for NYC

If Sinatra was a businessman, he might have said “Your average raise there is higher than – anywhere (in the US anyway)!”.  Learn more here.

You have the tech but do you have the soul?

You may have a revolutionary idea, but if you can’t rally the troops so they share that passion you will not see success.  Martin Zwilling explains.

Tech has room to grow – Draper

Noted VC Tim Draper believes companies are not overvalued and there is still room for growth.  Drew Sandholm reports.

5 crucial contributors to a successful exit

Customer base diversification is one key aspect to a successful exit but not the only one.  Under30CEO has more.

Three pitching mistakes to avoid with VC’s

Seth Talbott has made mistakes, and he shares advice on how to avoid them here.

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