The Daily Dig for Saturday, Oct. 11

The man's everywhere. I half-expect him to be mowing my lawn too.

The man’s everywhere. I half-expect him to be mowing my lawn too.

Facebook mulling P2P partnerships with Prosper, Lending Club?

Facebook is looking to integrate loans into its site, and is talking to Prosper and Lending Club about how, writes Tom Dotan.

4.2 million Pakistanis have mobile wallets

71.1 million branchless banking transactions took place in the second quarter, a total which is sure to grow given the increasing number of Pakistanis using mobile wallets.  Read more here.

Banks increase small business loans as alternative lenders decline?

That’s what Biz2Credit claims.  Read their blog here.

Real estate crowdfunding concepts explained

If you want to learn more about real estate crowdfunding, Aaron Djekic explains how it works.

Choosing the ideal investor

Believe it or not, the criteria go beyond “This dude has money and he’s willing to give us some.”  Romain Polge reports.

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