The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Oct. 15

Russian firm look to invest in US tech, P2P

Russian VC Life.Sreda made a killing when it exited Simple and is looking to invest some of that bounty into Square-type tech firms and P2P operations, reports Ilya Khrennikov.

P2P?  Depends who you ask

Institutional investors account for up to 90% of loans made on Prosper and Lending Club.  Those who say that is fine point to increased capital access for borrowers while detractors say it limits disruption.  Zopa is proof you can make a difference and a buck without including institutions, writes Nav Athwal.

Purported Bitcoin creator denying role, suing Newsweek, accepting Bitcoin in defense fund

Dorian Nakamoto says he didn’t create Bitcoin, and is suing Newsweek for saying so.  He has started a defense fund to cover his expenses and is accepting Bitcoin payments.  Cassandra Khaw finds that ironic.

Must-dos of IPO preparation

A combination of meetings and paperwork are in your future if you are thinking of going public, something for both the introvert and extrovert in you.  Lili Balfour has more.

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