The Daily Dig for Friday, Oct. 17

So a former Fed Chair walks into a bank…and comes out empty-handed.  Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

Bernanke can’t refinance mortgage

So a former Fed Chair walks into a bank...

So a former Fed Chair
walks into a bank…

True story.  And some say nothing is wrong with the current lending climate?  Prashant Gopal has the story.

Why can’t he?  Why can’t you?

Barry Ritholtz explains.

Bond trading behind rising GS profits

The number of players exiting the sphere have made it profitable for Goldman Sachs and a few others to pick up the scraps,  Lauren Tara LaCapra and Tanya Agrawal find.

BofA prepares for life without legal

Brian Moynihan has shifted staff and told them to think about how to sell more to the clients they have.  It’s all part of a strategy to position Bank of America as costs associated with the financial crisis wind down, Peter Rudgeair writes.

Brits mulling P2P ISA’s

Creating tax-friendly Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) is one way the UK government is aiding small business and, hopefully, the country as a whole.  Read the BBC report here.

VerbalizeIt has global idea, gets quick funding

An idea to help entrepreneurs easily test demand in different countries was enough to get the founders of VerbalizeIt some good funding, and quickly.  Alley Watch shares how they did it.