What happens at Lending Club...
What happens at Lending Club...

The Daily Dig for Monday, Oct. 20

Banks changing the way they do things seems to be the theme of today’s Daily Dig.

Crowdfunding, meet Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency and crowdfunding are combining to create new sites focusing on decentralized crowdfunding by removing the middleman.  Sandrine Ayral explains how it works.

Capital One CEO calls alternative payment systems “game changer”

Richard Fairbank was speaking about Apple Pay, but expanded his comments to include mobile and peer-to-peer options, which are shaking up the industry.  Read more here.

Lending Club IPO headed to NYSE

What happens at Lending Club...
What happens at Lending Club…

What happens at Lending Club will soon no longer stay at Lending Club.  Tracy Alloway and Arash Massoudi report.

Chinese companies creating P2P’s for house downpayments

In China, you need 30% for a down payment, which, based on the North American experience of late, has some merit.  But when you have to borrow for the down payment, you may be in trouble.  Read a report here.

RBS planning P2P entry

The Royal Bank of Scotland is planning on partnering with another platform to enter the P2P market next year.  Read the release here.

Citigroup reducing global presence

Citigroup is but one major US bank retreating from other countries.  They say it is because of low profitability and shareholder impatience, but others contend its because of increased regulatory scrutiny.  Martin Arnold and Camilla Hall investigate.

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