The Daily Dig for Tuesday, Oct. 21

A significant financial partnership has investors singing ‘Here comes the sun’ while P2P’s and crowdfunders are urged to ‘get back’ to their roots.  Its a Beatles-themed Daily Dig.

New European crowdfunding association has high hopes for the industry

The European Equity and Crowdfunding Association was formed over the summer to collectively represent debt and equity-based crowdfunders.  Want an idea where the North American industry may be headed?  Look to Europe and Australia, we often say.  Anton Root interviews Alessandro Lerro.

Crowdfunding urged to not forget its roots

As institutional investment creeps in, the crowd is being taken out of crowdfunding.  That could spell disaster, Michael Markowski fears.

Fed official calls for changes at big banks

William Dudley says if banks have not drastically changed their risk tolerance, then incentives beginning at the highest levels and moving well down the chain need to be radically changed in order to facilitate ethical behavior.  Gregory Wallace has more.

Ditto: Tarullo

Dudley’s fellow Fed Daniel Tarullo echoed his statements in his own speech recently, Rachel Witkowski discovered.

Solar home loans P2P receives significant cash infusion

PartnerRE will invest up to $100 million to facilitate loans on home solar loan platform Mosaic.  JD Alois has more.

UK P2P’s benefit from traditional small lending drop

Small business loans in the United Kingdom are down $600 million.  many of those who were turned down have migrated to P2P sites, reports Eileen Goode.

Banking veterans backing of new venture another step in the removal of ‘peer’ from P2P?

A trio of banking veterans have ponied up $12 million in backing for Orchard Platform, a startup which links institutional investors with P2P sites, a move seen as further proof “peer” is being taken out of “peer-to-peer lending”.  Ianthe Dugan and Telios demos explain.

Israel welcomes new P2P platform

Blender is the latest player in the Israeli P2P industry.  Irit Avissar reports.

Yancey Strickler – from music journalist to CEO in 5 years

Yancey Strickler recalls covering talented bands that would benefit from new ways of distributing and promoting their music.  The lessons he learned helped shape Kickstarter, he tells Arye Dworken.