The Daily Dig for Thursday, Oct. 23

Texas approves crowdfunding rules

Any adult Texan can invest up to $5,000 in a business operating within the state.  Pros say the rules open badly needed new channels of investment while cons worry about high fees and uneducated investors.  Maria Halkias reports.

The Fed may be getting serious about big bank breakups

Breaking up may not be as hard to do as it used to be, if recent comments by Daniel Tarullo and William Dudley gain traction.  Matthew Yglesias with analysis.

Indiegogo integrates Apple Pay

Indiegogo campaign supporters can now use Apple Pay as a payment option when they back someone on the site.  Geoff Weiss has more.

Small business bank  lending drying up in United Kingdom

Big bank lending to small business declined by £400 million in the second quarter.  Good news for alternative financiers, Rebecca Burn-Callander discovered.

Suber sees insurance as future marketplace offering

Insurance is an industry which has not changed in a mighty long time and is primed for disruption.  Could marketplace lending be the new player?  Ron Suber thinks so.  Mark Calvey reports.

Former PIMCO CEO invests in P2P startup

Mohammed El-Erian is a lead investor in Payoff, a new online lender which seeks to use a combination of big data and behavioral science to maximize their efficiency.  If you’re not an accredited investor, don’t get too excited, you’re not invited, Shane Ferro says.

Some European big banks to fail stress tests

At least 11 of 130 European big banks have failed stress tests, with the unfortunate ones being named Sunday.  Look for Greek and Italian banks to head the list, James Titcomb says.

P2P affecting student loans

The growing cost of a college education and crippling post-graduation debt has many rethinking student loan provision.  Evan Bailyn has more.

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