Competition - that's a good thing
Competition - that's a good thing

The Daily Dig for Tuesday, Oct. 28

Government interference in UK limiting number of P2P players

Government subsidies of major platforms while rejecting applications from dozens of new entrants has fostered allegations of monopolistic intentions in Britain’s P2P industry.  Andrew Bounds has more.

London aims to be global fintech capital

Government officials believe they have all the tools to be a global destination, Anna Irrera and Sarah Krause discovered.

Turkish banker sees industry’s future in mobile, social media

Deniz Guven of Istanbul’s Garanti Bank believes banking needs a major culture shift, one which can be driven by mobile banking and social media promotion.  Elliott Holley reports.

Apple Pay loses clients as competition heats up

Competition - that's a good thing
Competition – that’s a good thing

A couple of major pharmacy chains dropped Apple Pay because they are working on their own system.  That’s a good thing, says John Mason (and Martha Stewart).

New Texas crowdfunding rules seen as boon for energy and real estate sectors

The rules are expected to foster the development of sector-specific crowdfunding sites, with many expected to be in real estate and energy.  Christopher Calnan reports.

Three equity crowdfunding assumptions many have which are BS

It’s only for the unsophisticated investors.  That’s one.  Tanya Prive has more.

Benefits of crowdfunded journalism

Supporters get tapped for more than cash, they also get to share wisdom.  Catalina Albeanu explains.

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