The Daily Dig for Thursday, Oct. 30

BT’s Brad Pitt obsession continues in today’s Daily Dig.

Zopa takes advantage of new UK pension rules

New pension rules in the United Kingdom allow Zopa and their brethren to work with people aged 55 and over who wish to take control of their pensions.  Rebecca Burn-Callendar explains.

Reddit getting into crowdfunding biz

Looking to capitalize on the ideas floated on the site, Reddit is starting a crowdfunding service to help bring those ideas to life.  Dylan Love has more.

UK financial regulator launches innovation hub

Imagine that, a government agency taking concrete steps to diversify the financial sector…Ahhh…Where was I?  Oh yes.  The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has established an innovation hub to encourage creativity and diversification in the financial industry.  Matthew Finnegan has the details.

The 7 deadly sins – the startup version

In this version you don’t get to see Gwynneth Paltrow in a whole new way but still see plenty of ways people can meet an untimely fate (in business).  Jay Deng reports.