The Daily Dig for Sunday, Nov. 2

5 tips for crowdfunding success

Seymour Segnit has run a successful crowdfunding campaign and is sharing what he learned.  As Thornton Mellon once said, “Copy from the A students.”  Read the article here.

“Fearless” definition changes the longer you’ve been in business – Ringelmann

Those leaders of companies in early growth stages equate fearlessness with opportunism.  As time goes on it means ruthless prioritization, Catherine Clifford writes.

UK P2P’s getting dinged for their ads

Many UK peer-to-peer lenders compare average returns with bank interest rates.  Regulators do not like that because there is a chance of default.  Alex Hawkes has more.

Conference discusses outreach to unbanked

How to become attractive to the billions of unbanked and the competition from mobile technology were two issues discussed at a global financial conference last week.  Edward Helmore reports.

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