The Daily Dig for Monday, Nov. 3

Banks just don’t understand

There are many reasons why they may not, as this article from The Financial Brand discusses.

Banks still just don’t understand (their customers)

An analysis of customer preference data from Scotland suggests banks do a poor job of understanding customer needs.  Jeff Salway explains.

States proceeding cautiously with crowdfunding

Many states are beginning to unveil intrastate crowdfunding rules and others are taking a cautious approach.  That is prudent, suggests Judd Hollas.

New crowdfunding site seeks to assist those burdened with medical expenses

The idea for was helped by the founder’s own experience with losing a loved one to cancer.  Anthony Ha has more.

Zopa milestone good sign for UK P2P industry

Zopa lent £250 million in the last 12 months.  It is a fitting symbol of the health of the P2P industry across the pond, according to Oscar Williams-Grut.

8 ways to fund your new business

P2P and crowdfunding are but two.  Some of the others will be a tolerance test.  Jennifer Lonoff Schiff has them all.

How VC’s help the economy

Filling crucial funding gaps is but one way venture capital helps the economy.  Eric Corl has more.

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