The Daily Dig for Tuesday, Nov. 4

Mobile apps help companies connect to the unbanked

Sure seems like a sign that some people make a conscious choice to be unbanked.  Anna Helhoski has more.

Crowdhiring?  New site gets VC funding

Hiring-Hub allows businesses looking to fill a vacancy to post the details and what they are willing to pay on a site before inviting agencies to bid on the contract.  Sort of like municipal contracts without the Mob.  Adam Jupp explains.

Scientists parsing Kickstarter to predict trends

A team of computer scientists is attempting to determine who will support your Kickstarter campaign before you activate it.  Fascinating piece by Sydney Brownstone.

Bank breakups could boost shareholder ROI

As many smaller banks outperform the biggies on some important metrics, a Berenberg report suggests shareholders could push for breakups in the future.

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