not THAT syndicate
not THAT syndicate

The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Nov. 5

Serial entrepreneur sees big future for syndicate crowdfunding

not THAT syndicate
not THAT syndicate

David Norris has launched five startups and raised well into nine figures from the usual sources.  When a man with his track record endorses syndicate crowdfunding, you’re wise to listen.  Timothy Hay explains why.

Future Olympic bid may tap crowdfunding

Struggling Paris may tap struggling Parisians to help get the Olympics via crowdfunding.  Sacre bleu!  Samuel Petrequin reports.

P2P beating banks at big data

Peer-to-peer lenders are finding pockets of profitable investments in data the banks seem to struggle to interpret, Colin Wilhelm discovers.

Chinese using P2P to finance home purchases

People in China are flocking to peer-to-peer lenders to scrape up a down payment for a home purchase.  Zhang Dingmin has more.

P2P in UK explained

Proplend’s Brian Bartabay provides a short explainer on different P2P concepts.  Read it here.

Barclays/Techstars 2015 accelerator announced

The recently concluded initial effort included a real estate P2P.  Gulli Arnason reports.

Three proposed Dodd-Frank enhancements

Changes to living wills are one suggestion Paul Kupiec has for improving Dodd-Frank.  Read the others here.

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