New Indiegogo partnership helps campaign perks

Indiegogo has taken steps to make the park distribution process easier for campaign organizers on the site by partnering with a promotional products manufacturing company.

Amplifier manufactures and prints promotional items such as mugs, t-shirts and stickers commonly used as perks in crowdfunding campaigns. Amplifier will also ship those items to backers.

Indiegogo campaigns choosing Amplifier will receive a 10 percent discount.

“Partnering with Indiegogo to support the merchandise and fulfillment needs of their ever-growing community is an exciting proposition for us,” said Amplifier CEO and co-founder Jef Sewell. “It means that Indiegogo campaigners will now finally have a streamlined solution for funding their campaigns, producing and shipping their perks, and ultimately, rewarding their contributors.”

“We are constantly looking for new ways to get contributors their perks in a fast and reliable way,” said Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo. “This partnership with Amplifier allows campaigners to create new perks that they can easily send to supporters and customers.”