The Daily Dig for Monday, Feb. 9

Big bank shareholder proposes breakup

A shareholder’s submission of a strategy to break up Bank of America is the latest attempt to counter TBTF and leads to a discussion of what it would take to actually break one up. Nice article by Ronald Orol.

Wall Street making a move on UK P2P’s

An American private equity firm looks to raise £200 million so it can invest in UK peer-to-peer lending firms. Jim Armitage reports.

Start with your story, not your product

In your first few investor meetings, tell the story of the pain you will solve and why it matters. Leave the actual product details for down the road, writes George Deeb.

“Now’s not the time for additional restrictions” – big banks

When the dollar was more competitive with other currencies, the timing wasn’t right for Fed-proposed capital requirements because it would discourage lending (among other reasons). Now the dollar is high and the timing still isn’t good, sayeth the banks. The Wall Street Journal tells you why.

Fin-tech’s just getting started

2014 was a great year for fin-tech, with Lending Club’s IPO heading the list of reasons. 2015 could be even better, writes Mark Calvey.