The Daily Dig for Tuesday, Feb. 10

4 must-dos for running a startup

Andrew Weinreich sold two startups within a year. He shares four lessons he learned here.

Justice gunning for big banks in currency probe

"I'm coming for you, well sort of. No need to worry."

“I’m coming for you, well sort of. No need to worry.”

Several big U.S. banks are being investigated for their roles in foreign currency manipulation. Stop us if you’ve heard this before – misconduct limited to low-level employees not senior executives, guilty charges come with few tangible penalties, banks negotiating their own punishment…Read the article here.

Big data’s evolving role in credit scoring

The ability to generate new insights on borrowers from slivers of data is constantly evolving. Anand Srinivasan reports.

Lower loan minimum fueling LendInvest growth

After paring their minimum investment from £10,000 to £1,000, LendInvest has seen a surge of investor interest. Simon Danaher reports.


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