The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Feb. 11

Patent trolls target crowdfunders

At BT we often write of how a particular achievement is a sign of crowdfunding’s growing acceptance in the mainstream. Now that patent trolls are hitting crowdfunders we say that again, unfortunately. D.J. Paul and Julie Samuels report.

Bangkok official supports crowdfunding Thais

Vorapol Socatiyanurak calls crowdfunding a “win-win” for all concerned. Nuntawun Polkuamdee reports.

Blankfein says banks should stop whining about regs

Lloyd Blankfein believes investors should have more say over the markets than regulators and that bank honchos complaining about increased attention post-2008 are whining. Kevin Dugan reports.

Vikram Pandit entering P2P sphere

A Vikram Pandit-backed company will soon begin to distribute loans. Tracy Alloway reports.

Indian P2P garners $13 million Series A funding

Sequoia Capital is among the backers of Indian online business lender Capital Float. Catherine Shu reports.

Banks warn consumers about non-banks

People and businesses looking to borrow and lend are best advised to turn to banks and their ilk, says a bank spokesman. Staff Reporter reports.

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