The Daily Dig for Saturday, Feb. 14

Harvard study finds Dodd-Frank damaging community banks

One way it does that is by creating an uneven playing field vis-a-vis the big banks. Victor Whitman reports.

African entrepreneurs turning to crowdfunding as other options dwindle

Stop us if you’ve heard this before – entrepreneurs badly needed for a nation’s economic recovery cannot find cash in traditional areas so they are forced to look elsewhere. Hilary Heuler reports.

Lessons learned from the first big bank failure

While some may look to last decade for the history of the too big to fail movement, the first big bank failure took place 25 years before. John Maxfield looks at lessons learned.

Why are there so few DC equity crowdfunding applications?

A few cumbersome regulations are neutering the effectiveness of Washington’s new crowdfunding legislation. Steven Overly reports.

Meet the best (and first) little crowdfunding platform in Texas

Learn more about MassVenture, the first approved equity crowdfunding platform in Texas. Tony Quesada reports.

Stress test results coming March 11

Industry watchers will only have to stress until early next month. Ryan Tracy reports.

Community banks doing OK with D-F, Warren says

Elizabeth Warren took issue with recent claims community banks are suffering under Dodd-Frank. Kevin Cirilli explains why.

Chinese P2P platform promises 9%

If you like a little intrigue in your alternative finance, there’s no better place to look than China. Justina Lee and Tian Chen report on a new platform promising big returns.

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