The Daily Dig for Tuesday, Feb. 17

Microsoft wants banks to toughen up cybersecurity

Following a 2014 highlighted by major data breaches, Microsoft is calling on banks to take the offensive in 2015. Pedro Hernandez reports.

First Michigan equity crowdfunding platform targets state SME’s is the first equity crowdfunding platform to take advantage of new state crowdfunding laws. Amy Haimerl reports.

Top 15 Kickstarter/Indiegogo earners of 2014

The Coolest Cooler is pretty sweet and that is only one of the 15 most popular crowdfunding campaigns from last year. Gil Press has the rest.

Global growth role allows Chinese big banks to avoid capital buffer requirements

Fears of larger buffers curtailing Chinese and, by extension, global growth have allowed China’s biggest banks to avoid capital rules meant specifically for them. Patrick Jenkins explains.

Swedish crowdfunder has global aims

FundedByMe wants to attract lenders from across the world. Trevor Clawson explains.

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